Major Milestones

Amneal founded


Amneal Paterson, NJ

Amneal opens its doors in Paterson, New Jersey.


Amneal Folic Acid

Amneal begins manufacturing folic acid, its first prescription product. The company also files its first ANDA as Amneal Pharmaceuticals.

first Rx product

Files first ANDA

First ANDA approved


Amneal Metformin IR

The first ANDA prepared and submitted by Amneal is approved (Metformin 500, 850 & 1000mg tablets)



Amneal acquires a liquid Rx manufacturing/R&D plant in Branchburg, New Jersey, along with multiple ANDAs and product development IP from KVD.

That same year, the company acquires all assets related to five generic drugs divested by Merck KGaA and launches the Amneal label, going directly to market via its acquisition of Akyma.

Acquires ANDAs
from Merck

Acquires ANDAs and
facility from KVD

Acquires Akyma and
launches Amneal label

Acquires InterPharm

Opens India R&D center


Amneal Brookhaven NY

Amneal purchases Interpharm assets, including over 240,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing/R&D capacity in New York.

Amneal India R&D Centre Opening

Later that year, celebrates the grand opening of its 75,000 sq. ft. R&D center, Amneal India.


IMS Health shows Amneal Pharmaceuticals as the 12th largest generics supplier in the U.S., by number of prescriptions dispensed. This same study highlights 114% year-over-year growth of the company.

Becomes 12th largest
generics company in the U.S.
(in TRx)

Opens consolidated, expanded
distribution & sales operations
in Glasgow, Kentucky

Acquires manufacturing
facility in Piscataway, New Jersey


Amneal Distribution Center

Amneal opens a 115,000 sq. ft. consolidated distribution and sales logistics center in Glasgow, Kentucky. The company also acquires a state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing plant in Piscataway, New Jersey, allowing further expansion into new technologies and complex, niche products.



IMS Health lists Amneal as the 7th largest generics company in prescriptions dispensed.  Amneal acquires a 110,000 sq. ft. packaging plant in East Hanover, New Jersey to support its tremendous growth.

Amneal East Hanover, NJ

Acquires packaging
facility in East Hanover, New Jersey

Becomes the 7th largest
generics company in the U.S.
(in TRx)

FDA approves new
API and FDF facilities
in India


The U.S. FDA inspects and approves two Amneal facilities in India — one for manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)  and the other finished dosage-forms.


Creo Pharma in the United Kingdom is the first of many international transactions for Amneal. Creo supplies generic pharmaceuticals, commercial brands and specialist products to the pharmacy, hospital and wholesale sectors in the U.K.

Creo Pharma - UK


Acquires 1000+ MAs
from Pfizer

Acquires assets from
Actavis and Warner

Acquires 60% of
Creo Pharma

Acquires CoPharma

Acquires Pharmagenus

Acquires Bioeq

Opens International HQ



To oversee its expanding global operations, Amneal opens its international headquarters in Zug, Switzerland.


Amneal adds to its international operations with acquisitions in Australia, India and Ireland. The 200,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Cashel, County Tipperary in Ireland, is dedicated to R&D and the production of metered dose and dry powder inhalers (MDIs and DPIs) as well as biosimilars.

Amneal in Ireland

Acquires Actavis Australia

Acquires Epsilon India

Acquires inhalation
manufacturing site in Ireland

Adds distribution
facility in Glasgow, Kentucky




Amneal - Aberdeen, Glasgow KY

Amneal adds another distribution center in Glasgow, KY.


Expansion of the Amneal plant in Brookhaven, New York took the facility from 120,000 sq ft to 600,000 sq ft. in 2017.

Completes expansion of both New York manufacturing facilities

Divests Amneal Australia operation

Divests CoPharma and Pharmagenus operations