Amneal continues to expand its business around the world servicing key global markets in Europe and Asia. Leveraging its scientific expertise and assets, Amneal is now a global resource for quality generic products.

Amneal’s expansion, primarily through front-end acquisitions and partnerships with established local companies, has allowed the company to bring its quality generic products that exceed and/or meet regulatory standards around the world.   Its international entities bring the same commitment to quality and reliability, which has made Amneal Pharmaceuticals a trusted name globally.

Scandinavia Amneal Nordic ApS services Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Learn more
Spain Amneal Spain acquires Pharmagenus, a trusted name in Spain's healthcare market. Learn more
United Kingdom Amneal operates as Creo Pharma in the United Kingdom. Learn more
Germany Amneal Deutschland GmBH provides generic products for the German market. Learn more
Ireland In 2015, Amneal purchased this facility in Cashel, Ireland. Learn more
India Amneal India facilities operate in strict adherence to U.S. FDA regulations. Learn more