At Amneal, we view the world as our family.

Amneal employees around the world understand that every product we develop, manufacture and distribute is destined for someone’s loved one. It is this shared belief that drives our commitment to provide greater access to high-quality, affordable medicines and improve the quality of life for patients around the world.

Our relentless pursuit of quality, integrity and value are intrinsic to the decisions we make about our company, our people and our future.  This steadfast focus on these values has guided our journey to becoming one of the leading generic pharmaceutical companies in the United States.

Across the company, there is a strong sense of family values, treating each other with respect and encouraging the very best in everyone. This philosophy has inspired employees to go the extra mile and take accountability for the work that we do.  We believe that we are forever accountable to the people who use our products, our customers, and our business partners. Amneal not only embraces the responsibility that comes with maintaining our reputation among our stakeholders for quality products, we also thrive under it. More importantly, we never forget that no matter how large the company may become, our legacy and strength of character lay firmly in the hands of each and every member of the Amneal family.